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The car, the car deal, and the math.

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

My first race car, Soap Box Derby, San Francisco, Ca 1970

To this point we’ve talked about getting your credit together, getting some trade in information, and getting everything ready to go shopping. So let’s go over our list:

  1. Credit is checked at the bank or online and any issues are repaired.
  2. You have applied for a loan at your bank and are approved for an amount at a rate you can live with.
  3. You have your loan approval in your hand.
  4. You cleaned your trade.
  5. You have a current insurance voucher in your car.
  6. You got your current payoff if there is a loan on your trade, or your title if you own it outright.
  7. You went online and did some research to find a ballpark value for your trade in, and have that in hand.

Congratulations! You are among the few people in the entire country that is actually ready to go shop for a great deal on a terrific car! Most people buy at the spur of the moment or without the proper planning and don’t do nearly as well as you will when you find the car you want. But that brings us to the next step. Finding the car you want AND can afford!

In the old days, (1950’s and 60’s) there were only three major players in the car market in the USA. Today there are nearly as many car makers as there are people who buy them! What kind of car are you looking for? What model of car would make you happy and fill your needs? Do you ferry kids? Do you want a cool looking ride with deep growls and chirping tires? Perhaps you are looking for a toy hauler, or a work vehicle. What about a gas miser? There are a thousand types of car, and a thousand prices for them. This is a decision only you can make, but I can give you some suggestions to help you on your way.

No matter what kind of car you want to buy, you are probably going to need help narrowing down the field. There are manifold cars in every class, (pun intended) and knowing where to look for clues as to the best built, best safety rated, most attractive, and closest fit for you is your choice. You can join consumer reports at a fee and get all the information on all the cars marketed in the USA. If you want to avoid the cost you can go to sites like Local dealerships have also come a long way online. Today you can go to the website at the dealer you plan to visit and find all the information about the car you’re interested in. Most of the really good sites allow you to “paint” your car and add the interior colors you want online, and see if that combination is available at that store, along with all the additional equipment you are looking for. Please remember that these sites are biased towards their own products. One of the best sites I have seen is at the North Scottsdale Volkswagen site in North Scottsdale, Arizona.    This is a terrific site. You can also search for good deals on financing your car at a top flight dealer site. REMEMBER, WE ARE SHOPPING FOR OUR RATE AS WELL AS OUR CAR! So let your fingers do the walking and research the car you are looking for. If you have a neighbor who has a car similar to what you have in mind, don’t be shy, go and ask him/her about their ride! Everyone loves to talk about cars. Especially their car. You might even make a new friend, and get an opportunity to invite them to church Sunday! Remember also to ask for a referral to the salesman who sold them their car if they got a good deal. The more information the better the decision. Next we’ll talk about shopping in person. Visiting a dealership.

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